We spent 3 nights here (8/27-8/29) on our way towards Colorado.  We love Custer state park so much we have to spend a few nights here on every trip we take out west.  This was our first time in the Legion Lake campground, we normally stay in the Game Lodge campground, however we could not get 3 consecutive nights there, we were quite pleased with this campground though, had a partial view of the lake (across the road from the campground) from our rear picture window.  This trip will always be memorable, we were in the campground at the same time as some very good friends, so we got together with them, also our dog (cute, but so insanely stupid) decided to charge/take on a Bison that passed through our camp site, luckily it didn’t see her as a threat and ignored her.  We did not know it when we booked over the phone but this was an ADA site, so it was fully paved, and right next to the bath house (nice and clean as usual for Custer), which was nice since there is no water/sewer in this campground (you have to drive to game lodge to dump/fill) so we could save our on board water.

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