Our 2012 Chevrolet Volt

  • Plug-in-Hybrid powertrain:
    • 1.4L DOHC gasoline engine/generator (EcoFLEX LUU).
    • 4ET50 “transaxle” drivetrain, consists of two electric motor generators connected to the gasoline engine all with a series of clutches.  Output of 149 Horsepower and 273lb/ft of torque.
    • 16.5kwh battery pack (about 10.5-11kwh is usable, the rest is reserve to ensure longevity of the battery pack).
    • 38 miles of EPA rated range, 30-50miles real world range depending on speed, HVAC use, and ambient temperature.
  • OnStar, remote start, and XM radio, is standard equipment.
  • 118k miles and counting, all with absolutely no issues (has been in the family since 80k), and no battery degradation.  GM really over engineered this car, probably the most rock solid car they have ever built.
  • A full charge is about 12.5kwh of electricity, at our $0.10/kwh rate it costs about $1.25 for a full charge from empty, basically like paying about $1.25 a gallon for my 42mile commute.