Our 2012 Chevy Volt “Varta”

Our 2012 Chevrolet Volt

  • Plug-in-Hybrid powertrain:
    • 1.4L DOHC gasoline engine/generator (EcoFLEX LUU).
    • 4ET50 “transaxle” drivetrain, consists of two electric motor generators connected to the gasoline engine all with a series of clutches.  Output of 149 Horsepower and 273lb/ft of torque.
    • 16.5kwh battery pack (about 10.5-11kwh is usable, the rest is reserve to ensure longevity of the battery pack).
    • 38 miles of EPA rated range, 30-50miles real world range depending on speed, HVAC use, and ambient temperature.
  • OnStar, remote start, and XM radio, is standard equipment.
  • A full charge is about 12.5kwh of electricity, at our $0.10/kwh rate it costs about $1.25 for a full charge from empty, basically like paying about $1.25 a gallon for my 42mile commute.