About the time we got the RV I started researching and looking into different types of solar panels, I knew it was something I would end up doing since it is so much more straight forward installing solar on an RV than it is on a residence. Everything in the RV is already setup for 12v battery operation, so it’s a simple matter of installing the panel and a charge controller.  Solar makes sense for our style of camping, which is mostly state parks that do NOT have electric hookups, or have very limited supply of electric hookups, this panel should help us stay significantly longer without having to run our noisy smelly diesel truck (or a smelly noisy generator) to recharge our battery

I’ve been working on the first steps of the install, the panel (85watt, thin flexible type) has been glued to the roof, and I have Eternabond taped all around the edges to prevent any wind forces from getting under it and exerting any upward forces, the tape will also prevent water from getting under the panel, but that is secondary since there are no holes where moisture could penetrate the roof.

Part 2 will cover the cabling and charge controller.

Panel Installed